AQQA®-bag: The instant solution for individuals

Application: instant solution (after an environmental disaster, for instance)
User: individuals, travelers
Filter quantity: at least 4 liters of drinking water per day for 8 hours of daily operation time
Innovation: Membrane filter and sunlight catalyst
Cost: 41.65 € with VAT (costs will decrease for an edition of 1000 bags)
Retention rate bacteria : 99,9999 % by BCS, Florida, USA
Durability: 6 months in continuous operation (the AQQA® bag must be rinsed with clear water occasionally)
Instructions of use: German/English (PDF)

In order to cover the demand for drinking water at short notice, the AQQA®-bag can supply one person with four liters of drinking water per day for six months.

The application is very simple: water from a lake or river is filtered with a membrane. The special feature of the AQQA®-bag is the previously unattained quality of the water (“highly protective” according to WHO classification) at very low cost.

The AQQA®-bag does not clog and does not require maintenance. It is light, handy and can be stored indefinitely. This makes the AQQA®-bag the ideal product for temporarily supplying people with drinking water – whether in a crisis, for people for whom a permanent solution is not yet available or for travelers. The AQQA®-bag has been successfully tested over several months and its effectiveness has been confirmed by laboratories.