AQQA®-cube: For immediate use in communities

AQQA®-cube as an instant solution for up to 200 people

Application: instant solution
User: communities, villages, refugee shelters
Filter quantity: at least 400 liters of drinking water per day for 8 hours of daily operation time
Innovation: Membrane filter and sunlight catalyst
Cost: 1273.30 Euro (with VAT)
Weight: 30 kg
Retention rate bacteria: 99,9999 %
Durability: 12 months in continuous operation (the AQQA® bag must be rinsed with clear water occasionally)
Instructions Disinfection: German/English (PDF)


The bacteria retention rate has been certified by BCS, Florida, USA for our product AQQAbag. The AQQAcube works according to the same principle. The core is our filter membrane. We have uploaded the certificate for the AQQAbag here.

The AQQAcube is a filter product that combines the advantages of the AQQA®bag and the AQQA®system. Thanks to its mobility, it can easily be transported to its respective place of use. Nevertheless, due to its size and the filter area it contains, the cube still can process more than 1200 liters of drinking water per day and 400 liters in 8 hours operation time.

The application is just as simple as with the AQQAbag: Water from a lake or river is fed into the filter box and filtered with a membrane. The AQQAcube can be placed at a fixed location or transported. Transport, however, is only possible when empty.

The AQQAcube costs only 1273.3 Euro. If this amount is converted to the enormous filter performance, one liter of hygienically clean water costs less than 1 cent. For comparison: drinking water is sold in East Africa in plastic bottles of 1.5 liters each for about one euro. Thus, the cube offers clean drinking water to a very low cost and less plastic waste production.

The AQQAcube must be cleaned after 6 months of continuous operation. We have uploaded instructions for this here. The costs for the half-yearly cleaning are about 100 Euro.

To explain the installation, operation, maintenance and disinfection of AQQAcube, we have produced five videos:

I. Presentation AQQAcube

II. Installation AQQAcube

III. Operation AQQAcube

IV. Maintenance AQQAcube

V. Disinfection AQQAcube