Because it lacks water – not good ideas.

Our innovation is special, because …

it does not need any chemicals.

it has a high retention rate.

it does not clog.

it is inexpensive to manufacture.

it comes with two safety systems for hygienic protection.

it does not necessitate energy to function.


Our system consists of two components. They work independently of each other to to process safe drinking water.

First purification step

Filterplatte: AQQA®-plate

The AQQA® plate is a nubbed plate coated with a membrane on both sides. The water diffuses from the outside into the filter plate. Dirt and pathogens cannot get through the outer membrane layer. Inside the plate, the cleaned water runs through a central outlet.

Second purification step

Sunlight catalyst: AQQA® net

The AQQA®-net is used in the second purification step. With the aid of a net coated with titanium dioxide nanopowder, oxidizing substances are formed under the influence of sunlight. These are used to render organics such as viruses and bacteria harmless.