Hi! We are the founders of WeWater.

We are a team of open-minded people who want to make a difference – with your help.

Potable water is distributed fairly unequally in the world. In Europe, we mostly have a very good water supply and possess the technical know-how to extract and clean it. In other parts of the world, it’s not that easy – due to economic or physical water stress, for instance.

But that is not a reason for us to bury our heads in the sand, on the contrary. It is our incentive to change this status quo. Together with our water filtration innovation, we are committed to all those people without access to clean and safe water supplies. And with your help, we can achieve something truly meaningful.

Hannes Schwessinger

Hannes is a law student and has committed to a variety of projects during the years. Amongst others, he initiated a national recycling project in Ghana, he is the regional group leader for the German NGO Technik ohne Grenzen (technic without borders), and helped building a well in a village in Uganda.

Ulrich Weise

Ulrich has been working in the water treatment industry since 1992. In recent years, he built sewage treatment plants for companies, cruise liners and municipalities. His latest innovation is a durable filtration system with a high retention rate that cleans water without the use of energy.

Thilo Kunz

Thilo is studying communication and political sciences at the Free University of Berlin. He has been working at the French news agency AFP for four years. Today, he works with a communication consultancy. At WeWater, he is responsible for public relations.

Steven Hille

Steven is the author of the sustainable travel blog Funkloch. At some point, he thought that he should only realize projects if they help the world to become a better place. Since then, he raised donations for a tiger baby, supported a national bee project and built a well in Uganda.

These are our tasks at WeWater.

WeWater is a very young non-profit organization. We do not need a complex organizational chart. This is how we share our different work areas. All four partners work voluntarily for WeWater and do not receive a salary.

If you have any questions about our business areas, feel free to contact us.


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